Decoding Risks
for Better Underwriting
Decoding Risks
for Better Underwriting
Improve the Assessment and Pricing of Insurance Risks with RiskDecoder™ – The Data-Driven Early Warning System for Risks from Global Risk Analytics
Improve the Assessment and Pricing of Insurance Risks with RiskDecoder™ – The Data-Driven Early Warning System for Risks from Global Risk Analytics
Innovation meets Experience
Global Risk Analytics is a specialist in insurance risk forecasting. Using scientifically grounded algorithms and alternative data based on ESG and non-financial information, the InsurTech startup helps insurance companies to assess their risks better.

The InsurTech startup was founded in 2020 by Dr. Claus Dürndorfer, Stefan Roithmeier, and
Dr. Christian Walkshäusl. The first two founders have over 15 years of experience in analytics, alternative data, and risk quantification in the financial sector as managing directors of the investment consultant The Value Group. Dr. Walkshäusl completes the founding team with long-term research experience in risk modeling at an international level. Based in Munich, Global Risk Analytics is funded by the Bavarian startup funding program BayVFP Digitalization "Artificial Intelligence - Big Data".

The Predictive Power of ESG for Insurance
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) and The Value Group show in a joint study for the first time that non-financial factors can significantly improve the risk assessment in industrial insurance.

Development of Explainable Artificial Intelligence Models for Cyber Risk Assessment
As part of the joint research program Digitization "Artificial Intelligence - Big Data", we are working on new models to assess cyber risks better.
Our Approach, Your Advantages
Scientifically-based Algorithms
Innovative Data and Metrics
Simple Application via Scores and Risk Traffic Lights
Improved Risk Assessment
Reduction of Underwriting Costs
Guidance in Risk Consulting
Solutions for Complex Risks
Today, much more information is needed to assess corporate risks. Metrics based on alternative data, non-financial information, and ESG factors, enable a deeper understanding of the risks to be insured.
Liability Risks

   Companies face risks to themselves and their employees that can cause significant damage. However, it is difficult for insurers to assess the full extent of risk in some cases. Therefore, we have developed early warning indicators for the insurance industry, which can be used in the underwriting process to identify risks early and accurately. For instance, statistical analyses show that companies have a higher mean and variance in expected accidents when they do poorly based on our developed occupational safety indicator. Hence, this finding suggests that companies with low occupational health and safety scores are likely to have more accidents.

ESG and Climate Risks

   The 2021 Global Risk Report made clear what had long been unimaginable: climate risks represent the largest and most threatening risk category of our time for the fifth year in a row, with extreme weather events far outpacing all other risk types. In addition, companies must contend with new regulatory risks and demands from climate change. For instance, companies must comply with specific caps on CO2 emissions, which create potential further costs. Reputational risks are particularly relevant for companies with climate-damaging activities. On the other hand, litigation risks refer to charges arising from punishable actions by companies in connection with climate policy laws. The biggest challenge in the financial assessment of climate risks is, in particular, the diverging time horizons.

D&O Risks

   Directors and officers insurance, also known as managerial liability insurance, is taken out by companies for their senior executives. Constantly changing corporate governance requirements increase the risk that companies and their executives face in the event of a loss. Therefore, it is challenging for the insurance industry to price such risks adequately since correctly quantifying and estimating the actual D&O risks faced by the individual corporation is complicated. Our approach can evaluate and price the D&O risk of your policies based on the underlying data.

Cyber Risks

   Cyber risks are among the 15 most severe risks and represent an ever-growing economic and existential threat to companies. However, too few companies have adequately implemented sufficient measures to minimize these risks. Therefore, in addition to risk avoidance, reduction, and acceptance, risk transfer via insurance is increasingly becoming essential for companies to avert a possible total economic loss. However, to do so, it is necessary to assess the risks as accurately as possible. For this purpose, we have linked various data sources, particularly cyber and sustainability data. In this way, the development of cyber risks is forecasted as a function of certain company factors.

Case Study
D&O Risks
Data & Models
Information has become the most valuable commodity in the world. To effectively assess insurance risks, we not only take company-related information into account but also draw on a wide range of alternative data to supplement the predictive power of our models. For instance, these include sustainability ratings, news-related controversies, and sentiment data based on social networks.
Core Team
Dr. Claus Dürndorfer
Stefan Roithmeier
Dr. Christian Walkshäusl
Thomas Altmann
Data Science
Research Advisory Board
The development of our algorithms and models is accompanied by a competent research advisory board.
Prof. Dr.
 Jianmin Chen
Prof. Dr.
 Max Moser
Prof. Dr.
 Sabine Rathmayer
Prof. Dr.
 Christian Schmitt
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